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Can You Use A Mouse With A Tablet?

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Can You Use A Mouse With A Tablet?

Can You Use A Mouse With A Tablet?

Have you recently purchased a tablet and are struggling with the touchscreen? Perhaps you are trying to edit or drag items and find that it would be easier with a mouse.

Or maybe there are occasions where you would prefer to click and scroll with a mouse than your finger.

Whatever your reason might be, we bet you have wondered whether you can use a mouse with a tablet. 

Typically attached to our computers, we find ourselves wondering if it can be attached to a tablet and if it would make our lives easier.

We find ourselves lying awake at night wondering if it’s possible and potentially the answer to all your problems. 

Well, that’s what we are here today to find out! Keep reading to see if you can use a mouse with a tablet!

Can You Use A Mouse With A Tablet?

Let’s get straight into it; yes, you can use a mouse with a tablet! Gone are the days of scrolling or tapping furiously with your finger; now, you can use your mouse!

When connecting a mouse to your tablet, you have two options; you can use a wired mouse or a Bluetooth wireless mouse, offering you plenty of flexibility. 

It’s worth noting that the mouse you can use will depend on the tablet that you have and the ports available.

Let’s dive a little deeper now to help you determine what mouse you can use with your tablet and get clicking and scrolling today! 

Can I Use A Wired Mouse With My Tablet?

To use a wired mouse with your tablet, you will need space for the mouse to be connected. A wired mouse usually features a wire with a USB point on the end that will be attached to your tablet.

For the connection to work, your tablet will need a USB port. Not all tablets will have this, and you will need to check your tablet before purchasing your mouse. 

You can check easily; look at all the sides of your tablet. If you have a rectangular slot available (that isn’t where you charge the tablet), then you have a USB port that you can use!

Check when purchasing your mouse that it has a USB connection, though. These days, mice can have a USB-C or mini USB point, and you will need to make sure that your tablet has a port that can support the mouse.

After all, there’s no point purchasing the mouse if it doesn’t connect to your tablet! 

When purchasing a wired mouse to use with your tablet, remember that you will have the wire to contend with. Some people find the wire cumbersome and that it reduces the portability of their tablet.

You will need to check what surfaces you can use the mouse on, too; chances are you won’t be able to use it on a soft surface like your bed or sofa cushions.

Consider how this can impact your use of the tablet before making your purchase. 

You will also want to check the length of the wire to ensure that it’s suitable for your intended use. You don’t want a wire that’s too long, and you get tangled in it, or too short that restricts your use.

Check the wire length in the mouse product description before making your purchase! It’s also worth checking customer reviews to make sure you are buying a reliable mouse that is easy to use. 

Once you plug the wire into your tablet, the mouse pointer should appear immediately. You can then use your mouse to browse your tablet and access your apps as you usually do with your finger. 

Can I Use A Wireless Mouse With My Tablet?

A wireless mouse is your better option for tablets that don’t have USB ports or don’t want to deal with a wire. A wireless mouse will connect to your tablet via Bluetooth, saving you the hassle of restrictive wires!

Most tablets come with Bluetooth; it’s often the more accessible option, allowing you to click and scroll with ease. 

There’s a wide range of wireless mice on the market, too, so you will be spoilt for choice! Again, we recommend checking out customer reviews before making your decision to find the mouse that suits you best.

Most wireless mice are battery-operated or feature a mini USB that’s slotted into your tablet. Consider which option would be better suited to your needs and purchase it accordingly. 

Setting up your wireless mouse is easy too and should take no long time at all! The method can differ slightly depending on the mouse you buy, but generally, they follow the same steps.

You will need to turn on the mouse and the Bluetooth on your tablet. You can then search for the mouse on your tablet and connect via Bluetooth. 

Once the connection is established, the mouse pointer will appear on your screen, and you will be able to use the mouse!

You shouldn’t need to reconnect when your tablet turns off, and on either, most wireless mice will automatically reconnect, saving you the hassle of Bluetooth connections! 

What About Keyboards? 

Now, for those of you wondering, you can also connect a keyboard to your tablet! They will either have a dock that your tablet slots into, or they will be wireless too.

Most of these keyboards will also feature a trackpad that you can use as a mouse if you wish!

If you are comfortable using a trackpad and are considering purchasing a keyboard for your tablet, why not save yourself some money and just get the keyboard? 

It’s an option worth considering if you don’t want to spend two lots of money or have lots of equipment connected to your tablet.

It’s also a handy way to transform your tablet into a mini laptop that can be used for school work or play!

Final Word

And just like that, we have come to the end of our tablet journey today. As you can see, you can use a mouse with your tablet and have plenty of options to choose from!

Consider your needs, as well as your tablet’s needs and budget, when selecting your mouse. Whether you opt for a wired or wireless mouse, we bet you won’t be disappointed!

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