Digital Graffiti Art – My Process, Analog To Digital

Are you wondering about how to make digital graffiti? Me too. So I wanted to show the process of my attempt to make digital Graffiti Art.

I must say, this is coming from a former Graffiti Artist turned Graphic Designer. Back in the day, I was obsessed with Graffiti. Always looking for ways to innovate within the craft. Nowadays, being so far removed from painting Graffiti, I’ve gained some tricks in the form of Graphic Design. In this article, I will breakdown the process. But for now, check out the video!

How To Make Digital Graffiti

  1. Gather reference or freestyle
  2. Sketch your outline by hand or in your favorite software
  3. Convert your outline to strokes in illustrator
  4. Use the outline to create fill mask
  5. Design your fill in Illustrator or Photoshop
  6. Create your 3D effect
  7. Create inline and outer outline
  8. Finalize composition

The video below shows how I employed this process. First starting with a sketch. Then going through converting to vector, in order to create 3D using Maya and Keyshot. The 3D part of this is definitely not necessary.

Camden Taylor

Author Camden Taylor

Camden is Arturth's founder. A Senior Graphic Designer from the Pacific Northwest, he has a passion for art, design, and bringing people together through the creative process.

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