What Font Does Reddit Use

What Font Does Reddit Use?

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What Font Does Reddit Use?

What Font Does Reddit Use

If you have ever looked for a particular piece of information via the web (we’re guessing you have), then you have probably come across the popular website Reddit.

This site is jam-packed with forums on news, discussions, answers to all manners of queries, as well as random fun pages for everyone to enjoy.

All in all, Reddit is an American aggregate of web content ranking, social information, and discussions on just about every subject you can think of.

It is well known for its user-friendly interface and content with a newsletter board structure that includes videos, links, photographs, and text-based postings.

The name “Reddit” is actually a play on words of “read it.” In other words, you will probably have read some useful information on Reddit at some point in which you have told someone “I’ve read it on Reddit.”

Registered users can upload web content such as videos and texts and then other members can decide to vote up or vote down if they like or dislike the post. 

As of October 2020, Reddit was ranked the seventeenth most commonly viewed website on earth and the seventh most visited website in the United States.

In fact, 40.9% of users are US-based followed by 10% in the UK and 5.2% in Canada.

At the heart of Reddit’s success is its font. It is uber friendly and instantly recognizable around the world.

As with many successful apps and websites, the font conveys the brand’s image perfectly.

Along with the smiley face symbol, the text welcomes readers and users into the site as they feel safe when browsing the different pages.

Read on to discover what font Reddit uses as well as some comparable fonts that convey similar emotions and feelings for users.

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Reddit Logo Font

The Reddit Logo Symbol

Similar Fonts To VAG Rounded  

Reddit Logo Font

The Reddit logo may look simple and inviting but a lot of thought went into its design. As with many successful websites and apps, the font used makes a significant difference.

Reddit uses VAG Rundschrift or VAG Rounded for its website’s logo.

This is a geometric sans serif typeface that was designed for the Volkswagen AG engine manufacturer as a corporate typeface.

A rounded typeface, this font looks like Futura with its rounded strokes. The typeface was designed by Gerry Barney, best known for designing the British Rail Double Arrow.

It was published as VAG Rounded by Linotype.

VAG Rounded has eight designs and options for family sets.

It is available in four weights and is the perfect choice for logo designs, identity systems, or any kind of application that requires typographic warmth.

With its four weights available, matching Reddit’s template with a reserved serif or no serif provides a voice contrast and helps the site become more unique. 

For referencing titles and the majority of interfaces, Reddit uses IBM Plex Sans and Noto Sans.

Its overall weight, with an extended arm of the “r” and distinct shape of the “e”, makes the font instantly visible.

Noto Sans is an open-source typeface that can be found through Google fonts. It was first designed to be used in as many languages and scripts as possible.

This has led to it being one of the most widely used fonts in the world. 

Noto currently boasts over 30 scripts including all Unicode in the upcoming years but Greek, Latin, and Cyrillic are not part of this family.

With compatible thicknesses and height, Noto fonts are easy to understand whatever the language they are used in. 

The Reddit Logo Symbol

Ever looked at the Reddit symbol and wondered what it meant? Well, this Snoo head logo indicated products and merchandise that are outside of the marketing area.

The logo can also be used on its own, without the need to read “Reddit” to its side. This is a sign of a successful logo design.

Snoo is the website’s culture’s conversational as well as entertaining component. We can’t forget the color scheme, either.

The backdrop is a rich orange, the brand’s primary color, and this is a warm, welcoming hue that is still bright enough to stand out.

There are no defining features of Snoo’s head. It is clean and simple. Another welcoming aspect of Reddit’s design

Similar Fonts To VAG Rounded 


Designed by Alan Meeks, Frankfurter is known for its curved and rounded terminals. These distinguishing features and non-serif style mean the font is often used for informal purposes.

This media’s four weights are standard, medium, outstanding, and inline. So many applications use Frankfurter due to its family-friendly style.

FF DIN Round 

FF DIN offers warmth and simplicity to the FontFont library. However, it can also be used for formal corporate sites due to its formal look. Its face is more than its predecessor’s rounded version.

FF DIN Round is a highly popular typeface that compliments all styles of websites and apps.

Its soft and friendly curved design makes it ideal for branding vehicles, sportswear, household items, and even medical products.

Open and wide-ranging, this typeface is easy to read as soon as you see it on the computer screen. 

Neo Sans 

English artist, type designer, and calligrapher Sebastein Lester produced Neo Sans in 2004. He has described it as “readable without being neutral, nuanced, or distracting.”

This font is available in six weights ranging from light to ultra with additional italics. Although almost 20 years old, Neo Sans looks very modern, even futuristic.

This makes it an ideal option for branding and publishing projects. 


Futura is one of the most well-known brands out there. Designed in 1927 by Paul Renner, it remains a highly popular geometric font. 

This font uses simple geometric shapes and strokes that have equal widths as a way to remove any unwanted contrasts. There are exceptions to the same widths with letters such as “a.”

This font looks sleek due to its varying heights and simplicity. However, Futura requires more line spacing in a paragraph due to its width and height on the page.