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What Font Does Tinder Use?

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What Font Does Tinder Use?

What Font Does Tinder Use

Tinder is a popular dating app used by millions of people when wanting to meet potential partners.

While most of us recognize the tinder layout, it’s the font that helps Tinder’s brand and personality stand out.

Choosing the right font can help make a brand appear more friendly to its audience but this can be challenging at times.

While you can sit down and choose the first font you see, the chances are, this will not capture an audience’s attention or display the core values of a brand.

One of the biggest issues with choosing a font is that there are so many options to pick from. Tinder is a perfect example of how an app and its appearance can have such a huge impact on the world. 

Launching in 2012, Tinder reached over one billion swipes per day. It is one of, if not, the most used dating apps on the planet (we don’t know of any off of the Earth, yet).

It is simple to use as you just swipe left or right to show if you are interested in someone based on their profile. It also allows users to further their encounters by chatting and deciding whether to meet or not. 

While Tinder’s layout of a picture and profile of users is famous, let’s explore an important aspect of this design, its font. 

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What Is The Tinder Font?

As soon as you see the Tinder font, it is appealing to the eyes. It is friendly and welcoming. The font used is actually the Gothic Rounded font.

This is another version of the famous Gotham typeface.

This font has rounded corners making it friendly and warm.

This is compared to stronger and more authoritative fonts that may be better suited to more formal sites and businesses.

The Gothic Rounded font is available in 4 weights but this is lower when compared with the non-rounded version which has 8 weights. 

The chief Gotham Family is sans-serif typeface. This more recognized typeface is used for many sites and businesses but due to its popularity, it doesn’t stand out as well.

The designer behind this is Tobias Frere Jones who helped release the font back in 2000. The letterforms of Gothic are inspired by architectural designs from the twentieth century.

These fonts can be used for a range of different projects from formal to informal purposes. In 2007, a rounded version of the font was introduced due to a commission from a print magazine. 

The Importance Of Fonts In Mobile Apps

A successful app needs to be aesthetically pleasing. This can be achieved through a well-planned design and layout and, of course, with the correct font.

There are some technical reasons behind why fonts are critical to an app such as tinder. As well as being pleasing to the eye, they can have a direct impact on the users and the app’s brand.

Readability is crucial. This is probably the key reason behind the importance of fonts. Choosing the right font helps users read the app more comfortably.

This is even more important if a lot of writing is needed in an app. It can be tricky as various applications have a varied audience with different ages and preferences.

Some apps face this situation by allowing users to configure the kind of font they want to use and its size. However, a primary font will always be set up first but it can just be adjusted to suit an individual’s needs. 

Fonts also have a direct impact on a user’s experience. Fonts should match UX (user experience) as app users will often take longer to understand what a new app has to offer if it’s difficult to read.

This means the app is not user-friendly and has a higher chance of being deleted from people’s devices. 

Brand’s need to look professional too and the best way of achieving this is through fonts.

Serious, more formal apps used by large corporations will generally use fonts that are different from those used for entertainment or fun. 

Overall, fonts can be subjected to personal preferences. But, when choosing a font for an app, the factors above should be taken into account.

It is highly recommended to have more than one font option so the app owners can make a final decision on which works best.

Sometimes, A/B tests can be done to check which font obtains a higher conversion rate and helps generate more interaction between users.

Tinder Font Alternatives

You don’t have to stick with the Gothic Rounded font. Other alternatives may appeal to your eyes and help you enjoy your swiping experience even more. 

Some of these alternatives include:

  • Montserrat
  • Proxima Nova
  • Multicolore font
  • Quicksand Bold font
  • Nunito-Regular font
  • Ebnor Bold font
  • Scramble Mixed font
  • Geogrotesque

Montserrat was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, an alternative Argentinian designer. Inspired by her neighborhood in Buenos Aires, it is another soft and rounded font that is highly welcoming.

Proxima Nova has become a very popular font. It is considered a hybrid of the geometric style with modern proportions. It is often used by users who find the Tinder font feels overused.

Multicolore font looks very similar to the original Tinder font but is much brighter with its multiple colors.

Quicksand Bold font has a geometric style and is wonderfully clear and easy to read. It is used regularly in logo design projects and printing

Nunito-Regular font is another example of sans serif typeface font that comes with 2 versions.

Ebnor Bold font is easy to read and simple to install and works very well in various design projects.

Scramble Mixed font is modern-looking and very similar to the original Tinder font.

Geogrotesque has a rounded typeface that adapts easily to different texts. Due to its rounded style, it is warmer and more welcoming than many others. 

Some other popular alternatives include:

  • Proxima Soft
  • Armitage
  • Bryant
  • Gibson
  • DIN Round

These are all similar to Tinder’s font thanks to their welcoming and more friendly appearance. Try different versions out for free to decide which one suits you best.

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