What Tools Do You Need To Build A PC

What Tools Do You Need To Build A PC?

What Tools Do You Need To Build A PC

If you arrived here because you are looking to build a PC over buying one, chances are you are in the same headspace as me. This being, you want more control and flexibility over your build specs. But actually building your first PC can be daunting.

If you are looking to know what specific tools are needed or looking for a professional computer tool kit, we’ve got you covered.

First, I will list and explain each tool needed to build a computer from scratch.

Then I will list the best toolkits for building PCs.

But before we proceed, you might be wondering why you should listen to me, right? Well, I have built several PCs over the past  10+ years. Being a Senior Graphic Designers and Gamer in my spare time, I have always built my own PCs. Not to mention I have built my friends PCs as well.

I remember how I got into building PCs back in 2004, during my time at Design School. While most of the students were buying Macs for $4000, my classmate/friend explained how his uncle builds PCs that are way more powerful and cost less than pre-built computers. I was sold! With a few tips and recommendations, we built our own PCs for Graphic Design. Safe to say our computers blew all the other students’ pre-built computers out of the water! From this experience, I now build PCs and help others do the same.

Building your own PC has so many benefits. Let’s get into the tools you need to make that a reality.

What Do You Need To Build A PC?

Screwdrivers And Nut Drivers

A screwdriver is the jack of all trades and master of none when it comes to building a PC. Among the various other tools that I will be listing below, a screwdriver is the most vital tool.

Tightening a plethora of screws and nuts, both internally and externally while building your computer, is crucially important to hold all the parts securely.

The PC that you will be building will mostly have crosshead screws, and hence, you should get a screwdriver with a long neck, so that you can reach those tough-to-reach areas with ease. For this reason, the ORIA Screwdriver set comes with an extension bar and a flexible shaft.

This set features a magnetic screwdriver, which will make your build even easier. You won’t have to worry about losing those tiny screws in small dark places. Overall this set is magic for PC builds and other household electronics fixes.

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Needle-nosed Pliers

Needle-nosed pliers are forceps of a different kind. You would most often find pliers with a short neck with fat blunt ends, but the needle-nosed pliers have extra long tempered jaws that have a long neck and a pointed end.

The regular needle-nosed pliers have a neck length of around 6 inches, making the job of building your PC lot easier. With the long neck, you do not have to worry about damaging any parts adjacent to the wires or chipped screws, thus making it a safer tool than standard pliers.

The latest needle-nosed pliers are constructed with carbon steel that ensures high durability. Those pliers also come with comfortable plastic-grip handles that are easier to hold.

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Cable Ties

While building your PC, you will have to manage and organize a plethora of wires, and it is only obvious for those wires to get entangled if they are not properly kept in place. This is where you will realize the importance of cable ties.

 Cable ties help you to organize those messy wires and keep them arranged safely and adequately. Irrespective of the thickness of the wires, the self-fastening thin cable ties ensure that all the cables are adequately bundled, preventing unwanted wires and cords entanglements.

The cable ties are both strong and reusable, and I have been using them extensively to keep the wires inside the CPU of my computer neatly bundled up. You have to use it yourself once to understand the importance of cable ties while building your PC.

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Anti-Static Kit

This tool is an obvious inclusion in the list of essential tools to build a PC. This tool ensures your safety by avoiding any spark that might happen due to the static electrical charge that may build up between the hardware metal components and your body.

 An anti-static kit consists of a wrist strap, an insulated mat, and a grounding wire. The wrist strap is of utmost importance as it helps you avoid any electrical charge build-up by grounding you.

 Along with ensuring your safety, the anti-static kit also prevents the small components of your computer from getting damaged due to static electric sparks. Investing in an anti-static kit will be worthwhile for safety and will give you peace of mind.

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Heatsink Compound

The computer processor giants, Intel and AMD, build the CPU coolers with pre-applied thermal paste. Those thermal compounds are good to go for any stock cooler, but then when you have embarked on building your PC, then using the best-in-class heatsink compound would be my recommendation.

But why do you need it when it already comes pre-applied?

Well, you need a heatsink compound to get a fresh thermal paste of the highest quality. The pre-applied thermal pastes are average and are good for moderate efficiency. But if you want your PC to run like a beast at optimum performance, then you need to take a notch up when it comes to quality, and this is where a best-in-class heatsink compound becomes essential.

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Canless Air Duster

A canless air duster does the job similar to your vacuum cleaner but in reverse. This tool comes with a powerful air blower with multiple airflow nozzles to seamlessly fit in the small crevices and blow out the dust particles. Compared with the canned air dusters, the can-less air dusters are a lot more inexpensive and help to free your environment of the toxic inhalants. With no emission of fluorocarbons or any other toxic propellants, the can-less air dusters will be useful tools for building your PC.

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Container And Extra Screws

To build a computer, you will need a plethora of small screws, nuts, and bolts. While computer parts come with the necessary hardware, these small components can easily get lost. For this reason, having extra screws and a container for organization definitely helps. I recommend getting a small plastic case with separate compartments. This way you can stay organized and avoid frustration.

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Best Toolkit For Building A PC

While you don’t need a full toolkit to build a PC, there’s something to said for an all-in-one kit. The main benefit is convenience. You buy one set and you are on your way. Also having an all-in-one tool kit will keep you computer building tooling organized in one safe place.

Here are a couple PC building tool kits

XOOL 80 in 1 Precision Set with Magnetic Driver Kit, Professional Electronics Repair Tool Kit

The XOOL 80 in 1 precision screwdriver set with a magnetic driver is designed to handle a wide variety of electronic repairs. This set is extremely versatile with 58 bits. All the important parts and bits in this kit are good enough quality to get the job done. The only thing lacking quality is the plastic insert that the bits rest in (but that don’t really matter). Overall, priced around twenty dollars, this kit is excelent value for money.

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WIREHARD 62 in 1 Precision Computer and Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit

The WIREHARD 62 in 1 precision computer and smartphone repair tool kit is made for both professionals and beginners. The bits and driver are durable, made of heavy-duty steel. This kit allows you to get into deep gaps because of its handy rod extension. With a current price of around twenty dollars, this is a handle kit for PC builds and electronics repairs.

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122 In 1 Professional Laptop Repair Screwdriver Set

The 122 In 1 Professional Laptop Repair Screwdriver Set is another do it all tool kit for all your PC building needs. The bits are made of ultra-durable Cr-V Steel. Same as the others, this kit rod extension for reaching tough to get spaces. One cool feature is the magnetometer can adjust the magnetism amount of the screwdriver bit to solve the problem of insufficient or excessive magnetism. Out of all the kits here, this one has the best case for easy organization. Another great buy for any electronics repairs and PC builds.

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What screwdriver do I need to build a PC?

Any precision screwdriver will get you by when building a PC. However, I insist on using a magnetized screwdriver. There are many small gaps that your fingers can’t fit while holding the screw on. For me, a magnetic screwdriver is a must.

Another thing to consider when getting a screwdriver for building a PC is a flexible rod extension. This allows you to reach deep gaps between components. Check out our recommended screwdriver for PC builds here: