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Best Plotter For CAD Drawings

Best Plotter For CAD Drawings

Let’s have a glance at the best plotters available to be used for CAD drawings.

Best Plotter For CAD Drawings

HP DesignJet T130

The best Inkjet plotter

  • It can be accessed remotely since no wire connection is required
  • It provides ease of setup and features an input tray
  • It takes only 35 seconds to print one A1 size paper
  • Since it is dye and pigment-based, the ink used is expensive
  • Only accepts spindles of 2-inch diameter

HP’s large-format printer features first on this list. It provides high-quality prints at a rate of only 35 seconds per page of A1 size. The set up is relatively easy along with the operation. 

HP DesignJet T130 printer features a shiny white color that complements your study or any other room. With its inkjet printing technology, this device by HP Inc. is ruling the market worldwide.

You can effortlessly load the roll or the sheets and get the printouts in no time. The automatic horizontal cutter that this printer has makes printing much more comfortable for you. Bottom line, this machine allows you to consistently produce high-quality large format CAD prints with ease.

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HP DesignJet T525

Easy to use plotter with wireless functionality

  • High-quality Printouts
  • Offers Ethernet connectivity
  • It has a wireless setup and can be accessed from any corner of the house or office
  • Enables you to use multiple mounting hardware
  • Quite heavy

This excellent color plotter printer by HP Inc. is an ideal machine for all those who keep working while on the move. Thanks to its wireless connectivity and compact size! You don’t have to stick to a specific location to get what you want. 

All the essential printing features that you need are housed in this device. Its laser printing technology helps you fight bigger challenges with high-quality printing in less time. 

HP DesignJet T525 printer is the world’s smallest large format printer and can be connected with your smartphone quite easily. This is the best plotter that you can use while saving both time and money. This includes advanced software to make your task easier. It has an automatic cutter with a media bin. Many differently colored cartridges can be loaded in it to get the best CAD drawings.

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Epson SureColor T5170

Ultra-fast wide format plotter

  • Has ultra-fast speed and delivers printouts in no time
  • It features a compact size that can be easily moved
  • Effortless operating mechanism
  • Works with great precision
  • Repairing and maintenance costs are high

This printer is specially designed to reduce your workload and make working fun. With its inkjet printing technology and color compatibility, Epson’s printer has set a benchmark in the printing world.

Epson SureColor T5170 provides top-notch picture quality at a rate of only 31 seconds per page. You can either use A1 or D size pages according to your convenience.

Its compact, sleek design enhances your working station’s look and offers you the ease of operation. Due to its LCD touch screen feature, using this equipment has become a breeze.

You can load high-capacity cartridges, which prevents frequent replacing and works longer. Its wireless connectivity allows you to access it and get your work done from any corner of your house or office.

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Canon Image PROGRAF

Quality for both entry level and professional designers

  • It can be used to print colored photographs
  • It can include all the paper rolls with a diameter range of 22 inches to 36 inches
  • The work delivered leaves an imprint on the viewer
  • Highly reliable for designing and drawing
  • Provide the ease in setup.Comes with a durable stand
  • It takes only 27 seconds to print one D-sized page
  • Does not include a 3-inch roll adapter

Canon Image PROGRAF is an excellent choice if you are an entry-level CAD artist or a professional. The inkjet printing technology helps you use this highly efficient plotter for banner or poster making and printing out high definition images. The picture quality is very high and offers sharpness. 

You can effortlessly connect it to your android smartphone because it is wireless and provides remote access.

You don’t have to worry about frequent cartridge replacement since it is equipped with expensive ink. This enables you to work endlessly and meet your targets on time.

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Canon Image PROGRAF Pro-2000

High-quality plotter for professionals

  • It can be connected with WiFi, USB, and Ethernet
  • On-time customer service
  • Excellent color accuracy and quality of pictures
  • Heavyweight and challenging to move
  • Requires a power source to work. The suitable power source is AC 100-240 V

An incredible plotter for CAD drawing, PRO-2000 Image PROGRAF by Canon, will leave you spellbound. The high definition picture quality and color contrast are unbeatable.

The equipment features a stunning black color that gives a touch of professionalism to your work site. Preferred by many people to set up in their worksite, this 24-inch printer has a print resolution of 2400×1200 dpi. 

Highly compatible with any PC, this plotter will give your work an edge and make your stand out. A hard drive with a capacity of 320 GB will make your investments pay off.

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Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

High-quality plotter with 6-color ultra HD ink

  • This is a wide format printer
  • Equipped with 6- color ultra HD Inks
  • Delivers high-quality borderless prints up to 13 inches x 19 inches
  • Consists of 50 sheet rear and 200 sheet tray at the front make printing more comfortable and fun
  • It can be used only with Epson Cartridges

Weighing only 18 pounds, this plotter by Epson whispers life to your pictures. The high resolution and color contrast is incredible. You could have never met the deadlines if this plotter wasn’t around.

Investing in this Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 will make you stand out and lead you to the pinnacle of success. Believe us! The picture and graphics that this equipment delivers will mesmerize you.

This is a highly compact and easily movable printer that makes your head turn and have a look at it. The significant advantage is that you stay free from the last minute hassle due to cartridge failure. This machine keeps track and alerts you beforehand.

The six-color Claria photo ink contains red and grey ink. This combination enhances the quality of both colored and black and white pictures.

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HP DesignJet T830

Easy to maintain multipurpose plotter

  • Large format printer with multiple functions
  • It is wireless and requires no power socket
  • Ideal for architects, fashion designers, and graphic designers
  • The enhanced print speed that gets your job done in seconds
  • Cannot print on vinyl
  • Has paper roll size limitations. 150-0 should be the maximum length of your paper roll

This excellent plotter by HP Inc. features a compact design that can fit anywhere. You can conveniently print, scan, copy, and forward your work to your working partners. 

With multiple functions and an affordable price, you don’t need to search for any other plotter other than this. HP DesignJet T830 has an input tray, media bin, and automatic cutter to make your CAD drawing and printing experience memorable.

You can easily connect it to any device and work on it from a distance. No need to stick around and wait for your job to get done. You have to press a button, and your project is completed.

The high-quality pictures and thermal printing technology makes your work more impactful. You get a single page printed in just 26 seconds. Thanks to the software included. Printing has become much more comfortable and effortless.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Plotter

Print Quality:

Graphics and drawings include a lot of detail. For this reason, you want a plotter with the best print quality features including highest resolution possible. Print quality features give you more creative control over the final output. High resolution will allow you to have crisp prints at large scale.

 Maximum Paper Feed Size:

Paper feed size is an essential feature of any plotter printer. You don’t want to ruin your work by cutting down its length and making it blurred.

Since many plotter printers have a paper feed size limitation, it becomes very frustrating to cut down the paper and adjust their size according to the printer’s size.

 If you want to experience an effortless printing with an impactful work printed on it, search for printers that allow you to use the paper feed of your desired size. This will help you to print banners and posters without any unnecessary hassle.

Maximum Cutting Size and Precision:

Printing is not the only thing that these plotter printers do. They also carry out cutting. This feature, however, varies. Thus, offering you a wide range of plotters to choose from.

You should remember that the cutter’s size inside this equipment is always smaller than the roll feed’s size. This enhances the cutting accuracy of the printer and gives you quality pictures.

Hence, to get a printer with maximum cutting accuracy, opt for the one that has a small size like 0.2 millimeters or so.

Type of Media:

The type of media or the type of sheet you can print on plays a significant role in plotter selection. You should know that different plotter printers have different media specifications.

If you handle all the types of projects like graphic designing, poster or banner making, image printing, etc., always search for the printer that handles all media types. It will enable you to complete your project in a hassle-free manner.

What are plotters typically used for?

Plotters are used to draw lines and layouts of any design. It is specially used for computer-aided drawings.

 It is quite different from the ordinary printers that you use. Here, you draw on the computer while the printer uses a pen to draw the same thing on the media. These deliver high-quality drawings and artwork that need intricate detailing.

Who is most likely to use a plotter?

A plotter is generally used by architects or engineers to draw layouts of specific designs. It helps them in getting a rough idea of what the final product will look like.

Graphic designers and people in business also use these for making graphics, charts, arts, etc. It helps them complete their project using technology and science.

What is the difference between a plotter and a printer?

A plotter is used to make blueprints and layouts for helping engineers and architects to complete the construction. While a printer that delivers printouts of write-ups or pictures on a piece of paper.

What is a CAD plotter?

A computer-Aided Design plotter uses a CMYK color combination to draw blueprints and construction designs. Unlike ordinary printers, these do not use too many colors. 

The primary function is to present hard copies of layouts that use minimalistic color combinations like black and white. This plotter copies the artist’s design on the computer screen and prints it out so that he can easily use it.

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