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What Font Does YouTube Use?

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What Font Does YouTube Use

What Font Does YouTube Use

Although social media websites and apps rely heavily on the visuals, people won’t usually focus on the fonts of each website.

However, if the font used by Twitter was to swap with the font used by Instagram, everyone would notice it immediately.

Fonts, therefore, play a huge role in the brand representation of a website. 

YouTube is one of the most important platforms for fonts.

For sighted people, there are a lot of hidden meanings behind each font, which is why social media platforms work tirelessly to come up with the right type of font to refer to a certain part of their website. 

Whether you’re just curious about the type of font YouTube uses, or if you’re a budding YouTuber looking to enhance your knowledge about the platform, here is the ultimate guide to the fonts YouTube uses and the best fonts for thumbnails!

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What Font Does YouTube Use?

Not everyone has the expertise to differentiate and recognize certain fonts online. YouTube uses different fonts for different sections of the website to make it easier to navigate across pages. 

If you’re not familiar with every single font available, there are some useful extensions that can be downloaded to find the font of any website.

WhatFont is a good Chrome extension, but typoscan is a useful website to use, too. 

To use typoscan, simply type “typoscan” into your browser. Then, copy and paste the website address into the search bar.

In this case, the website is Typoscan will then search for the fonts used on the website. 

According to typoscan, the fonts used by YouTube are:

  • Roboto
  • Arial
  • Sans Serif
  • YT Sans

Typoscan will also give details on the font sizes and font weights, which refers to the thickness of the font. The font weights range from 400 to 500, and the sizes range from 11-20px. 

What Fonts Should I Use On My YouTube Channel?

The beauty of being a content creator is that you have the creative liberty to use whatever visuals you like. At the end of the day, you should use the fonts that you like the best.

However, being a content creator on YouTube is a tricky game. Trying to work alongside the ever-changing YouTube algorithm can be a nightmare, because not everyone will click on your video.

Without knowing it, this could be because of the fonts you are using. 

This is all because fonts have subliminal messaging behind them. No, the font in this article isn’t trying to persuade you to think a certain way, but it is a straightforward font that is easy to read.

YouTube’s range of fonts and font sizes are also straightforward and easy to read, but each font works for a different page to help the user navigate across the website easily. 

So, if you use too many complicated fonts in your thumbnail, the title of the video, and the description – you’re likely to complicate your audience.

Consistency is key, but you also don’t want to be monotonous and boring amongst other creators when you’re trying to stand out. 

If you are struggling to find a signature font for your channel, whether it’s for the title of the video or the thumbnails, there are some generators that will make your search for the perfect font much easier. 

Cool Text Graphics Generator is a free YouTube font generator that, you guessed it, generates cool text graphics.

This is the best generator to create a font for your thumbnails or YouTube image or header. Simply look through all the fonts available, adjust the sizing, and then download the font to your pleasure!

Text Fonts is another useful free YouTube font generator. This is the easiest generator to use for finding a font for the video’s title.

All you need to do is type the words into the search bar, and multiple font types will appear reading the same words.

This means you don’t have to imagine the title in a particular font – you can see and download it there and then!

The Best Fonts For A YouTube Channel

If you’re trying to find the best fonts for your YouTube channel to increase subscribers and viewers, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a viewer.

Your channel should have a niche, whether it’s lifestyle or vintage cars, and the font should reflect this to some extent.

Sure, there’s a lot that a font cannot reflect, but it will give a potential viewer an immediate idea of what your channel is about. This is especially important in a thumbnail. 

People rely on consistency to trust a channel. If you post random videos with no structure and no consistent fonts, you’re not likely to gain viewers.

However, you also don’t want to use the same font for everything, as this will come across as lazy and boring. 

Here are the best fonts for a YouTube channel:

  • League Gothic
  • League Spartan
  • Lilita One
  • Fire Sans Extra Bold
  • Bangers
  • Anton
  • Montserrat Extra Bold

Here’s the thing – these fonts won’t guarantee success on YouTube. These are just some of the most commonly used fonts used by successful YouTube channels.

You are allowed some creative liberty to find a font that works best for your channel; one that fits your channel’s niche and one that viewers generally respond well to. 

There are a few things to remember when choosing a font for a YouTube thumbnail. Firstly, and most importantly, the font must be easy to read.

This goes for the color, size, and shape of the font. If the viewer cannot read the words on a thumbnail, whether it’s on a laptop or phone screen, then they won’t watch the video. 

Likewise, if there are too many fonts and words on a thumbnail, then a viewer won’t click on the video. Unless the thumbnail is intentionally chaotic to match the video, viewers respond best to simplicity. 

If you have the artistic skill, handwritten fonts are a fun way to get creative on your thumbnail! Even if you’re not an artist, handwritten fonts on a thumbnail can be hilarious.

Sometimes people will click on an intentionally bad thumbnail in the hopes for a funny video.

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