Best Keyboard For Graphic Design

Best Keyboard For Graphic Design

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Best Keyboard For Graphic Design

Best Keyboard For Graphic Design

In a society where we are spoiled for choice, finding the best keyboard for graphic design, or any creative profession for that matter can be overwhelming. There’s so much out there to choose from. Also, your needs could be different to the next designer. Ok, first world problems much? Yes! But I digress.

There’s a couple of things to mention before we dive in. First I want to mention that I wrote this article from my experiences as a Graphic Designer with hands-on experience using lots of different keyboards. In addition, I have done a ton of research to validate my opinions and hopefully guide you to the right keyboard for your needs.

Let’s check out our list of keyboards for graphics designers and creative professionals. Oh, and if you are not sure what to look for in a keyboard for Graphic Design, I will explain what to consider when choosing a keyboard later in the article. See the table of contents below.

Best Keyboard For Graphic Designers & Creatives

Logitech Craft

Best all-around premium keyboard for Graphic Designers


  • Equipped with a unique input dial to access functions on creative apps
  • Backlit keys to allow you to type even in low-light conditions
  • Easy to personalize and assign keys to functions and shortcuts
  • High quality premium feel


  • Expensive

Anyone who has touched a computer in his life does not need to be introduced to Logitech. The Logitech Craft is a keyboard engineered for graphics designers.

What’s special about this keyboard? It’s a unique input dial, i.e., the Crown. This dial gives you access to different functions in various creative apps from Adobe, Microsoft, and more. 

What’s more, you can even personalize the keys and the Crown. You can easily assign shortcuts to then. Jumping from one software to the other could not have been easier!

You can connect it with the computer using the USB dongle or Bluetooth. Illuminated keys, high precision, and optimized responsiveness make it the ideal keyboard for creative work.

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Apple Magic Keyboard

Best for Apple users


  • Precise typing with minimal key travel
  • Quiet when typing
  • Premium and minimalist look and feel
  • Extremely long battery life


  • No UK symbols available on the keyboard

What’s new to say about Apple? It’s trustworthy and durable with a beautiful aesthetic – these are the qualities you can expect from the Apple Magic Keyboard. Overall, the best iteration of Apple keyboard for graphic designers period.

Its scissor mechanism of keys offers incredible precision when you type. This means that all your keyboard work will be done with just a feather touch.

The in-built battery life of this keyword lasts really long. So, you don’t have to worry about recharging in the middle of a long and arduous project.  

It pairs with MAC computers, which are a popular choice among designers because of their retina display feature that enables original colors. Plus, it’s stylish and easy to use.

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Logitech Ergo K860

Best ergonomic keyboard


  • Certified ergonomic design with a curved surface
  •  Improves posture of wrists and reduces stress
  •  Wrist pillow gives extra comfort


  • Slightly bulky
  • No backlighting

Working on the computer for long hours can be stressful for the wrists. This stress becomes worse when you’re a designer. To rest your hands, you will need a keyboard like the Logitech Ergo K860.

The most prominent feature of the keyboard is the ergonomic design. It is split into two parts that form a slight curve of the surface to suit the natural posture of your hand when you’re typing.

Its gentle slope alleviates strain on the wrist and forearm while typing. It also has a curved wrist pillow to provide rest and support for your palms and while decreasing the bending of the wrist.

In addition to all common features like durability, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, etc., it has scooped keys for your fingertips, customizable Fn keys, and more. 

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Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

Excelent budget keyboard for creatives


  • Ideal keyboard for those on a tight budget
  • Compatible with mobile devices and computers
  • Unique dial to switch between three Bluetooth-enabled devices


  • Slightly heavy
  • Missing some keys that a full-sized keyboard has

Are you a designer who uses not only a desktop or laptop but also tablets or mobile phones? Then the Logitech K480 is an ideal choice for you. It is a multi-device keyword that’s easy to use.

 The keyboard is compatible with different Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is equipped with a special dial that helps you switch between three devices, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

 It means that you’ll be free to use designing apps on all of these apps. Interestingly, it has a special cradle to set the handheld devices so that keeping an eye on the screen is easier while typing.

 The keyboard comes with all the standard features, including shortcut keys. It’s black in color with a brightly-colored cradle, creating a stylish look. Plus, you get all this at a pocket-friendly price!

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Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

Best budget ergonomic keyboard


  • Certified ergonomic design for improved hand posture
  • Spill-resistant keys for easy cleanup of the keyboard
  • Quiet key sound when typing


  • No Backlighting
  • Keycaps are slightly wobbly

Do you work for long hours on your computer all day? Then you probably need a keyboard that doesn’t tire your wrists because of bad posture. The Kensington Pro Fit can solve your problem.

It has a split layout with a slight slope and a reversible tilt. Thus, it has an ergonomic design that’s perfect for your wrist posture when you spend several hours typing and working on the computer.

The keyboard is also equipped with a built-in resting pad for the wrists. This ensures that your wrists are not worn out. So, even as you rack your brains all day, your hands will still be comfy.

Apart from the standard features like assigning shortcuts to F keys and smooth keys, it has an interesting feature of easy cleanup. This is possible because the keys are resistant to spillage.

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Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Mechanical RGB keyboard for designers who enjoy gaming


  • Minimalist design
  • Dual-purpose front mesh/filter
  • Excellent airflow
  • Great value for the price


  • Minor 1mm panel gaps around the glass edge
  • Comes with only two 120mm fans
  • Front mounts not suited for 140mm fans
  • No USB type C

Who said you can’t be a gamer and a graphic designer at the same time? If you are one, and you need a keyboard that caters to both your needs, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is a great choice.

From how it looks to the way it functions, this keyboard is a must-have. The aluminum plating gives it a stylish look, while the RGB backlight of the keys adds color, for those who like that look.

The keyboard comes with a set of six macro keys. These are programmable so that you can assign keystrokes to them for easy in-game control.

The keys have high sensitivity so that every keystroke translates to action efficiently. What’s more, the keyboard even comes with 8 Mb of profile storage.

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Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Compact mechanical keyboard


  • Compact and portable
  • RGB backlight of keys that give it a stylish look
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices
  • Mechanical tactile feel

Keyboard elevation could be less

Do you work on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to access graphic designing apps? Perhaps, you need a compact keyboard like the Keychron K2 to turn the device into a computer.

This keyboard can be connected with any mobile device or your laptop with the help of Bluetooth. It can be connected with as many as three devices, and switching between them is also easy.

Its 4000 mAh battery offers one of the longest lives, lasting for up to three days of typing. If you keep it for normal usage of 8 hours a day, it can last for a week. It also doubles as a gaming keyboard.

The RGB backlight has a sophisticated touch to it, and the light also makes it possible for you to type in the darkness. It is highly responsive, ensuring precision in all your keyboard-related work.

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Logitech K780

Great keyboard, with built in phone and tablet stand


  • Compatible with multiple devices, with easy switching
  • Compact width for an ergonomic design
  • High-quality keyboard at a pocket-friendly price


  •  A little heavy for such a compact keyboard

It’s often a hassle to use your right hand for using the mouse and typing, right? Well, trust Logitech to resolve the problem. The Logitech K780 is the result of its design with better ergonomics.

The keyboard’s width has been reduced to make it easier for you to conveniently access all keys and type while switching to the mouse easily. This makes it one of the best keyboards for designers.

Bluetooth connectivity makes it compatible with mobile devices and desktop computers. So, if you need to work on your tablet for designing works and type on it, this is the perfect keyboard. 

The keyboard has a dedicated space for smart devices, so you have a proper view of the screen while typing. It is also equipped to shift from one device to the other easily. 

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Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Most compact and portable keyboard for travel


  • Pairs with multiple tablets and smartphones
  • Thin and lightweight foldable keyboard for easy transportation
  • Resistant to spillage and protected with the outer cover


  • Hard to type without looking due to limited key-spacing

With “work from home” as the new normal, you need to get used to the idea of working while you travel. It also means that you need the ideal devices, like the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard.

The keyboard can be the perfect companion for you while traveling because it’s thin, compact, and lightweight. It will fit into your bag easily and will get paired with any mobile device.

So, while you’re on the go, you can turn your laptop or your smartphone into a mini-computer. From making art to posting a design on your Facebook page, you can do everything!

You can pair it with two mobile devices at the same time, and it is easy to switch between them with just one touch of your fingers. It’s easy to set up and use. It’s also spill-proof and easy to clean.

The keyboard has a dedicated space for smart devices, so you have a proper view of the screen while typing. It is also equipped to shift from one device to the other easily. 

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What to Consider When Choosing A Keyboard?

Now you know about the best keyboards for graphic design use and support. These are equipped to give you easy access to apps, software, and functions.

They allow assigning shortcuts to keys. Only a true designer knows the importance of it. Plus, they improve hand positioning and allow proper rest. But it’s essential to look for the right features.

Different Types of Keyboards:

1)Wireless Keyboard
No clutter, no mess, no need to stay stuck in one place! The wireless keyboard allows you to move around freely while working. You don’t have to sit in a restricted position to control the computer.

2)Ergonomic Keyboard
An ergonomic keyboard is designed to match the natural posture of the hand while typing. It prevents unnatural bending of the wrists so that you don’t end up harming or hurting your hands.

3)Mechanical Keyboard
Mechanical keyboards are engineered with the classic design of the 80’s keyboards. They are sturdy and have switches made of plastic with a stem and housing. 

4)Standard vs. Gaming:
Standard keyboards are designed for your comfort. But gaming keyboards are quick. Response time and accuracy make gaming keyboards expensive, while regular keyboards, with their membrane technology, are cheaper.

What Type of Work do You Need the Keyboard for?:

Consider the purpose of the keyboard before buying one. If your job is to write and perform official jobs, pick an ergonomic keyboard. But as a gamer or designer, you’ll need a few extra features like customizable shortcut keys, compatibility with mobile devices, etc.


A keystroke is when you press a key – and the sensitivity, comfort, and sound of every keystroke are important. Ideally, you should pick a keyboard that responds to soft touch and does not create noise. They depend on the use of a rubber dome, scissor mechanism, or mechanical design of the keys.   

Keyboard Size and Compatibility:

Smaller keyboards are portable and ergonomic. Besides, it’s easy to have a small keyboard that’s compatible with smartphones and tablets, especially if you’re a gamer, designer, social media executive, etc. Check their connectivity through Bluetooth and USB ports.

Hotkeys and Media Keys:

Some keyboards have media keys that come in handy when you want quick control over volume, video, etc. on the media system. Other keyboards come with one-touch keys to replace hotkeys – a combo of keys that help you perform certain tasks. Both can save a lot of time. 


The design varies on the basis of the purpose. If you’re going for an ergonomic keyboard for long hours of work, it will have a split layout with a slight curve. Keyboards for gamers and designers have additional keys for customization. Some are backlit, and some are portable.

Extra Functionality/Features:

For advanced usage, some keyboards come with unique features like key travel or bottoming actions. There may be dedicated switches, extra keys, dials to switch from one device to the other, and more. If you are looking for specialized usage, these extra functions and features make things easier.


Finally, it all comes down to your budget. The more advanced a keyboard, the higher its price. So, think of your budget before picking up a high-end keyboard. Don’t forget to consider your purpose. There’s no point in spending extra money on a keyboard with features that won’t help you at all. 



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